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Gaydaddy Body Art

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Richard Lennox has an unusual fetish: He likes to draw. On himself, on his boy Sabastian, on pretty much anyone hot and sexy. In this solo video postcard to his boy, Richard takes the cool tip of a marker to his own skin and a vibrator up his tight ass. It all builds up to a cum frenzy - his cumshots are HUGE!

nude says:
It takes balls at any age to make a gayporno, and 90% of the gaydaddy crowd that do it don't look 10% as good as Richard Lennox! You go, daddy! I could care less about your twink boyfriend. Make your own site just doing solo jackoff videos like this.

fat bastard says:
I watched the full length version. Holy shit! I normally don't go for JO videos, and I normally don't go for the gaydaddy type. But Richard Lennox is not normal! LOL I mean that in the best way possible, daddy Richard! Take me! I'm yours!

einstein says:
I've seen a few gaydaddy videos that made me cringe and hope to die young. This dude has got it going on! Look at that fucking hot cock! WOOF! And I need to know your abs workout routine. Holy shit.



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