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Gaydaddy Richard Lennox a.k.a. Manpuppy

and his Gaytwink Fuck Buddies

Gaydaddy Body Art

Gaydaddy Body Art

Richard Lennox has an unusual fetish: He likes to draw. On himself, on his boy Sabastian, on pretty much anyone hot and sexy. In this solo video postcard to his boy, Richard takes the cool tip of a marker to his own skin and a vibrator up his tight ass. It all builds up to a cum frenzy - his cumshots are HUGE!

5:02 - 30828 Cum Shots
POV Bareback Flip Fuck

POV Bareback Flip Fuck

We each took turns holding the camera. My gaydaddy, Richard was waiting for me with his huge cock, and he plowed my ass silly. I got him back, though! The full-length version has an AMAZING creampie - check it out!

3:49 - 31225 Cum Shots
Bukkake Boy

Bukkake Boy

My gaydaddy and I were just horsing around one Sunday afternoon and shot this. Yes, of course we just hang around in our underwear! We love it, and I love getting a face full of cum from him. Jesus, he shoots a huge load!

3:15 - 35597 Cum Shots
Gaytwink Wake Up Call

Gaytwink Wake Up Call

Richard often wakes me up with breakfast in bed and a blowjob. It's one of the advantages of being with an older man: They can cook, and they can EAT! I love how my gaydaddy sucks my cock, any time, day or night.

4:07 - 37384 Cum Shots
Shower Spycam Quickie Fuck

Shower Spycam Quickie Fuck

I'll let my gaydaddy plow me just about anywhere (usually in the ass, of course), but I really love getting fucked in the shower. It's so hot, how he scrubs me and pampers me, then shoves that big cock in my hole till I feel like I'm drowning at both ends...

3:21 - 40633 Cum Shots
Raw Bareback

Raw Bareback

All right, I observe a three finger OR one cock rule on my ass. Not both. This furry leather daddy is hot, and he has a smokin' cock, but he'd have to pick one or the other. YOW! And definitely not the whole fist.

11:03 - 1999 Cum Shots
Muscle Gaydaddy Fucks Twink

Muscle Gaydaddy Fucks Twink

This gaydaddy is getting away with some rough ass abuse on his twink. Makes me think the twink is tweaked. I don't believe it's much fun to take advantage of someone who would just as soon have a baseball bat shoved up his ass. Do I even need to be there for that sort of amusement?

18:23 - 2109 Cum Shots
Daddysboy BB Gay Porno

Daddysboy BB Gay Porno

The daddy isn't a hell of a lot older than the twink in the amateur gayporno, and he's pretty hot. I'd fuck him. Maybe not on the front porch, and certainly with a better camera. But this daddysboy should still count himself lucky he's not a victim of one of the fat old slobs in the rest of this category.

13:51 - 2273 Cum Shots
Abused Twink GayVideo

Abused Twink GayVideo

Awesome creampie on this twink's tiny, tight ass. The hot Latino top qualifies as a daddy in this in my book, based solely on how hard he abuses the twink's tight hole in this gayvideo. Fucking hot!

17:52 - 2298 Cum Shots
Hot Hairy Daddy

Hot Hairy Daddy

I'm just going to start wandering into houses like this boy did, hoping to find a hot, hairy daddy reading his paper in his underwear. "I shouldn't be doing this," the teenager says. He's right! I should! Back off, clown!

25:49 - 2647 Cum Shots
Jockstrap Daddysboy

Jockstrap Daddysboy

I feel sorry for the daddysboy here. Not just because he's getting his ass stretched hard and fast by the top's huge cock, but because he's prematurely balding. I hear that's from an excess of male hormone. I suggest he stop swallowing.

12:03 - 2731 Cum Shots

Bear Muscle Gay Sex

This gaydaddy has himself a beefy gay sex trophy, doesn't he? It just goes to show that anybody can make a gayporno, but not everyone should. A little saggy for me, pops, especially in the ass; and bear boy can do a few situps before his next muscle gay sex video.
24:12 - 2888 Cum Shots

Muscle BlackGay Dominates Twink

This vintage gay movie was obviously made before crystal meth became so tragically unhip. How else would that twink take that blackgay cock the size of an oak tree up his ass if he weren't uselessly high? Freegayporn just ain't worth it, twink; put away the pipe before the pipe reams your ass any harder.
16:34 - 2892 Cum Shots

Daddy Bear And GayTeen

This is one fucking lucky daddybear. He found himself a hot-as-fuck gayteen boy bottom who likes a great big barrel-shaped man to plow his ass bareback. He should thank God for the life he has, and the gayporno director for matching them up!
19:49 - 2899 Cum Shots

Gaydaddy and Gay Bodybuilder

This is one lucky gaydaddy. Or rich. One condition brings the other, I suppose. I like a dad and son gayporno (for obvious reasons; I'm 44 and my bf of almost a year is 24), but it's extra nice when one of them is a gay bodybuilder (which neither of us is!).
18:55 - 2926 Cum Shots

Big Cock Creampie

When this furry daddy sticks his cock in your ass, you KNOW you've been fucked. That's one of those dicks you'd see at the bathhouse and go, "Awesome! Hope you meet someone, cuz there's no freaking way that thing is gonna fit in MY hole."
18:00 - 2944 Cum Shots

Gay Army Daddy

The bottom is kind of a B- for a gayporno. A little chunky, not quite cute, not quite handsome. But if you're a gay army sergeant, you've been eating SOS for a couple of years, so I guess there's not much difference between that and eating a barely above average guy's ass.
19:14 - 2955 Cum Shots

Gaydaddy And Twinks Threesome

I like the nerdy looking gayteen. And the other one. The gaydaddy in this threesome looks a little rough, maybe in the latter days of his gay sex party video career, where his dick is the only thing that isn't drooping any more. And when that starts to, there's always Viagra.
24:53 - 3025 Cum Shots

BB Bear Daddysboy

The soundtrack of this BB gay video sounds like it's from a scene from Rocky Horror that didn't make the final cut. This is one lucky bear; his daddysboy brings him a beer and drops his tighty whities on demand when he gets home to his spacious doublewide trailer.
12:01 - 3111 Cum Shots

Gay Muscle Worship

If the older guy didn't look like a gay bodybuilder version of the guy from those insurance company commercials, I might have passed this one up. There's not a lot of gaysex going on, but the muscle groping is kind of fun, and what an amazing slab of cock and insane balls on that gaydaddy!
19:43 - 3238 Cum Shots

D List Gay Porn Star

Absolutely LOVING the top gaydaddy's mullet! I say, if you find a look that works for you, stick with it. This dude evidently latched on to that concept around 1985, and sees no reason to change now. Also, has not bothered to go to the gym since shortly thereafter.
18:29 - 3272 Cum Shots

Gayporno Daddysboy

I am scared of the daddysboy ass that can take a ramming like that from a beer can thick cock - and he's GIGGLING! I mean, the gayboy is hot and all, and my cock isn't exactly tiny, but if I feel like I'm fucking a warm bowl of Jello then I'll pass.
15:55 - 3371 Cum Shots

Dad Fucks Boy

Often, "Dad n Son" videos feature a daddy who's there because he knows the director. This daddy has a nice body, though, and a beautiful cock. The boy looks good getting fucked by it in a jockstrap, too.
7:15 - 3457 Cum Shots

Daddy Muscle Fuck

That shower is too small to fit all three of us, so which one would I have holding the camera? The younger gayboy is cute as fuck, and he can take a cock like a pro, which I suppose he is. But the older one has delicious pecs and fucks like he's drilling for oil. Which to throw out... Cast your vote in the Comments section below.
27:23 - 3532 Cum Shots

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Richard Lennox and Sabastian Stone are a gay dad and son couple who have been together since 2009. Exhibitionists in a sexually open relationship, they started appearing live on cam together in late 2011, as something fun and hot to do. (What a great gaydaddy!)

The response to their live shows was tremendous, getting them hundreds of new followers each week to their Twitter account, @DadAndSon69. But, with Richard's busy life as an author and music producer, they found it difficult to keep a regular schedule for their fans.

Although they've been together for quite some time, 44 yeard old Richard keeps 23 year old Sabastian in an apartment on his own. One reason for this is so they can each have sex with other men without any awkward moments over breakfast. Another reason is that Richard wanted to give Sabastian time to grow up on his own and learn responsibility.

Now, Richard has promised that if Sabastian can make his own way in the world and have a project of his own, he can finally move in. From the success of their live shows, Sabastian had the idea to produce gay videos of the two of them with each other and their fuckbuddies. He partnered with us here at to produce this site.

So, please enjoy (and purchase!) the amateur videos from this enterprising gaytwink and support this gay website! As porn goes, the videos are very reasonably priced, and you can rest easy that the money is going to fulfill a hot gayboy's dream of living with the love of his life, not to some skeezy corporate porn overlords.