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Gaydaddy Richard Lennox

Gaytwink Sabastian Stone

POV Bareback Flip Fuck

POV Bareback Flip Fuck

We each took turns holding the camera. My gaydaddy, Richard was waiting for me with his huge cock, and he plowed my ass silly. I got him back, though! The full-length version has an AMAZING creampie - check it out!

3:49 - 26913 Cum Shots
Gaydaddy Body Art

Gaydaddy Body Art

Richard Lennox has an unusual fetish: He likes to draw. On himself, on his boy Sabastian, on pretty much anyone hot and sexy. In this solo video postcard to his boy, Richard takes the cool tip of a marker to his own skin and a vibrator up his tight ass. It all builds up to a cum frenzy - his cumshots are HUGE!

5:02 - 27762 Cum Shots
Bukkake Boy

Bukkake Boy

My gaydaddy and I were just horsing around one Sunday afternoon and shot this. Yes, of course we just hang around in our underwear! We love it, and I love getting a face full of cum from him. Jesus, he shoots a huge load!

3:15 - 29282 Cum Shots
Gaytwink Wake Up Call

Gaytwink Wake Up Call

Richard often wakes me up with breakfast in bed and a blowjob. It's one of the advantages of being with an older man: They can cook, and they can EAT! I love how my gaydaddy sucks my cock, any time, day or night.

4:07 - 30138 Cum Shots
Shower Spycam Quickie Fuck

Shower Spycam Quickie Fuck

I'll let my gaydaddy plow me just about anywhere (usually in the ass, of course), but I really love getting fucked in the shower. It's so hot, how he scrubs me and pampers me, then shoves that big cock in my hole till I feel like I'm drowning at both ends...

3:21 - 32938 Cum Shots
D List Gay Porn Star

D List Gay Porn Star

Absolutely LOVING the top gaydaddy's mullet! I say, if you find a look that works for you, stick with it. This dude evidently latched on to that concept around 1985, and sees no reason to change now. Also, has not bothered to go to the gym since shortly thereafter.

18:29 - 2730 Cum Shots
Gay Grandpa And Twink

Gay Grandpa And Twink

The mild abuse angle is fun. I don't know that I would put up with it from a slob like this grandpa, but it's fun. And the "big brother" is a cutie, but what's the deal with his cock? No one that age should have less than a concrete stiffy, 24 hours a day.

15:00 - 3381 Cum Shots
Gay College Stud And Grandpa

Gay College Stud And Grandpa

And the current winner of the tiara and sash for Luckiest Gay Grandpa In The World is...? This college boy is a little mushy in the middle, but he's still hot as fuck. And when you put him next to this stool warmer from the Kikiki III on Kennedy Boulevard, he looks even hotter.

25:06 - 5860 Cum Shots
XXX Gay Dad And Son

XXX Gay Dad And Son

Here's an epic freegayporn movie for you; return again and again to live out your gay dad and son fantasies. At least as long as it's available. The full length XXX movies are usually only available for a limited time to promote the studio. I like the blond twink in the second segment. He's a precious little fuck.

73:41 - 5943 Cum Shots
Gay Sugardaddy And Son

Gay Sugardaddy And Son

OK, it's only a Men's Wearhouse suit, but as far as this sketched out hairy pig boy is concerned, it may as well be Armani. If I were this sugardaddy, I would give him an extra 20 bucks to shut the fuck up, then pay a cab to take him to the nearest rehab. That boy just ain't right.

16:40 - 5944 Cum Shots
Bigdick Gaydaddy Bareback

Bigdick Gaydaddy Bareback

That is one FUCKING lucky gayteen boy, landing himself a hot, bigdick gaydaddy like that. When I was his age, I was lucky to get a reasonably sober drag queen interested in me. These gayboys today don't know how easy they've got it.

18:24 - 5998 Cum Shots

Thick Cock Gaydaddy

The top is just barely in the age range to be called a gaydaddy (kind of like when they call a 30 year old woman a MILF in straight porn), and the twink is a little worn out and used. OK, that was kind. He looks like a tweaked out sketch. But you have to give the gaydaddy props for that thick cock, and the unapologetic way he rams his rentboy's ass.
16:21 - 6119 Cum Shots

Gaydaddy Gaytwink

If a soggy assed gaydaddy like this can bag a sweet young gaytwink like this - and get PAID for it in an amateur gayporno - then there's hope for us all. I think it would be fun to start a porn studio where gaydaddies like this PAY for the privilege of creating a "demo tape" gayporno with a hot young twink. I'm going to be rich. Find me a twink.
16:53 - 6149 Cum Shots

XXX Gay Daddy And Son

What luck! It's Part Two of that epic gaydaddy and twink full length movie I posted a couple days ago. Watch while you can. The full length videos don't usually stay available for very long. They just post them as promo tools, usually for new sites. I'm sure you can beat your cock raw enough watching it in the meantime.
47:17 - 6158 Cum Shots

Beefy Gaydaddy

What s that ridge around some gaydaddy bodybuilders' waists? Do they wear rubber bands while they're working out or something? Evidently, it constricts the bloodflow to their cocks, cuz he can't seem to get a really hard cock going, in spite of the fact that his gayboy is pretty hot.
25:03 - 6170 Cum Shots

Muscle Gay Dad And Son

Being a gaydaddy, I often find myself focusing more on the twink in dad and son videos. But this hot, hairy, hung motherfucker can plow my ass any time. That cock is just crazy, and I would totally let myself be dominated by this red-headed wall of hunk.
18:51 - 6331 Cum Shots

Daddybear Fucks Twink

This freegayporn flick is totally lopsided. The twink has nippples that were made for milking; aren't daddybear nipples usually the big droopy ones? And that cute boy's cock should definitely be fucking some ass. He has no business being a bottom, especially with the bear's stubby little dick as the alternative. That daddy doesn't deserve to have sex with that twink. Send the boy to my house.
16:26 - 6446 Cum Shots

Raw Gaydaddy Fuck

This is the kind of gaydaddy I like to see. Older, but nowhere near past his prime, with a big, thick cock he's not afraid to use in a punishing way. You know, if all you happy hour trolls at Georgie's Alibi would do a sit-up once in a while, maybe you could get your rocks off instead of whining about how "it used to be" and going home alone.
13:47 - 6609 Cum Shots

Gay Fuck In The Woods

For once, an outdoor gay fuck video that I DON'T think was filmed at the Sawmill Campground. I swear, that place gets more amateur gayporno action than Los Angeles. Cute little gaytwink getting his ass plowed against a tree. This should be great for his college resume'.
16:53 - 6681 Cum Shots

Marine Gay Dad And Son

Prettyboy this Marine daddy gets to play with. But where is the fucking? I paid... absolutely nothing... to watch this video, and there's just some cocksucking action going on. And straight porn magazines?! WTF??
27:25 - 6755 Cum Shots

Gaytwink And Grandpa

I fucked a lookalike to this skinny gaytwink once, a few years ago. He ended up stalking me. Texted me constantly, wouldn't leave me alone on Adam4Adam. It was gross. Took a year to get rid of him, and a funny accent on my phone telling him this wasn't my number any more. Then one day, my new boyfriend was introducing me to his friends at the Flamingo Resort, and guess what! They knew each other!
25:45 - 7028 Cum Shots

Gaydaddy Bangs Gaytwink Ass

I hope I have a body like that when I'm that gaydaddy's age. Hell, I don't have a body like that now. Really, I hope I can still get hot, hairless gaytwinks to fuck when I'm that age. I love how he teases that boy's sweet little hole for so long before he starts sliding that beautiful cock into it.
23:21 - 7528 Cum Shots

Skeezy Gaytwinks

This is awful. Just really, really horrible gaytwink porn. Both of you, just stop. You're Sidewalk Sale cute at the very best. Stop acting, stop doing gay porn. Stop fucking entirely, please; you don't look very good doing it. The only that could make this gayporno worse is if you were wearing black socks. Oh, wait.
20:28 - 13187 Cum Shots

Gaydaddy Muscle

That's what we all need every now and then: A hot gaydaddy who works out for three hours a day, shoving a nightstick up your ass to prime your hole for his fat cock to plow your hole while you ride him like a bitch. I could even overlook the moustache for a cop cock ride like that.
17:48 - 13561 Cum Shots

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Richard Lennox and Sabastian Stone are a gay dad and son couple who have been together since 2009. Exhibitionists in a sexually open relationship, they started appearing live on cam together in late 2011, as something fun and hot to do. (What a great gaydaddy!)

The response to their live shows was tremendous, getting them hundreds of new followers each week to their Twitter account, @DadAndSon69. But, with Richard's busy life as an author and music producer, they found it difficult to keep a regular schedule for their fans.

Although they've been together for quite some time, 44 yeard old Richard keeps 23 year old Sabastian in an apartment on his own. One reason for this is so they can each have sex with other men without any awkward moments over breakfast. Another reason is that Richard wanted to give Sabastian time to grow up on his own and learn responsibility.

Now, Richard has promised that if Sabastian can make his own way in the world and have a project of his own, he can finally move in. From the success of their live shows, Sabastian had the idea to produce gay videos of the two of them with each other and their fuckbuddies. He partnered with us here at to produce this site.

So, please enjoy (and purchase!) the amateur videos from this enterprising gaytwink and support this gay website! As porn goes, the videos are very reasonably priced, and you can rest easy that the money is going to fulfill a hot gayboy's dream of living with the love of his life, not to some skeezy corporate porn overlords.